Thank you!

Just a quick note on this past Saturday, February 1st. . . We had a great, relaxed day in celebration of a fresh and lovely batch of Snowtober.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support us, and to our new friends here in Monson whose faces we are seeing quite often!

The four stooges.

Looking ahead, we're already jazzed about next weekend.  A new stout, which we've yet to name, will feature copious amounts of freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee with just the proper amount of sweetness to balance things out.  A coffee lover's delight!

Damien's handiwork!

We also have a solid amount of delightful and simple pale hoppy beer in the tanks, which will be trickling out in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned. 

This week and the next we'll be brewing special beers for the Extreme Beer Festival in Boston, along with a new Imperial Stout to be aged in Elmer T. Lee barrels.  We expect this one to be released some time around the holidays.  The Extreme Beer Festival beers will also be available in the retail shop in small quantities. . .

We hope you enjoy your refillable bottles over the next few days. 

Until next time. . .!

A Status Update!

Fresh "Eureka w/Citra" on display in the re-located brewery!

Fresh "Eureka w/Citra" on display in the re-located brewery!

Oh, hey blog, what’s happening?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have to apologize. . . we’ve all been a bit busy, and distracted carrying our brewery four and a half miles to the blustery expanse of East Hill road in Monson!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity here at Tree House, and I’ve been meaning to share something of a status update but wanted to make sure I had a chance to properly collect my thoughts. Luckily today, sitting quietly in an empty brewery listening to the burps of fermenting beer, I think I’ve reached that point.

One of our goals during the move was to stay open and not have to shut down for weeks on end. A lofty goal, indeed. We’re quite proud to say that after enduring many double digit hour days through holidays and the birth of a new member of the Tree House family (Tessa!), we achieved our goal. The monumental task of permitting a brewery and moving it without loss of service is a task that I - and everyone here at Tree House - hope we never have to endure again.

Setting challenges aside, the wheels are officially in motion to continue the agricultural legacy of Koran's Farm for future generations, and to preserve its beauty for both the community of Monson and travelers from afar.

Winter Landscape at Tree House.

Winter Landscape at Tree House.

Now that we’re settled in and comfortable in the relocated brew house, we’ve begun to produce beer that we think is better than ever - soft, elegant, and distinguished.  We are laser focused on the present, but also looking ahead to the future with exciting bottling projects in the works including mixed fermentation efforts, wood aged beers, and collaborative beers with friends.  Spring will also see the birth of an expansive growth program to include native hops and fruit trees! 

Since opening our doors in Monson we have seen a greatly increased curiosity in our project, and we've been selling everything we produce in seven short hours every Saturday.

This has resulted in some understandable frustration. We had hoped to be open more often as our new location affords, but we have not been able to get our stockpile of beer to an appreciable enough level.  In other words, we could open on Thursday & Friday, but we wouldn't have any beer.  Another frustration has been a lack of variety on Saturday, also a function of low supply.  We can't do much to change this in the very short term, but we can point you to, which is consistently updated and accurate, providing a snapshot of what will be available during your trip.  And when you're here you can tell Dean to stop drinking all the beer.

We've always focused on becoming objectively better brewers at Tree House, while not rushing to become bigger. With that focus comes challenges of supply.  We have chosen to take a route for the next phase of our project that looks deep into the future of sustainability and community, rather than rushing to expand. Given this path, we'll ask for your continued patience as we try to get it right from the very beginning. We are keenly aware of the difficulties with our current system (long lines, limited hours), but we can sternly promise our operation will become increasingly efficient - via substantial capital investment - in the next year.

In the very near term, we have added a 10 BBL tank and will be above Brimfield levels of 'production' in 3-4 weeks. . . and with it we hope to resupply our draft accounts and open a few more days out of the week to alleviate wait times & lines.  Green, Julius, Sap, and a new Coffee Beer all resting in the tanks waiting for their turn. . . 

Our neighbors and the Town of Monson have been wonderful in welcoming us to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to a long and joyful relationship!

In closing, we sincerely appreciate all of your submitted thoughts, both good and bad.  Really.  We have embraced your informed perspective over the years as we consistently try to improve!

The very best is yet to come.

-tree house


October, Pumpkin Carving, and Breast Cancer Awareness



Ahh, October.  The leaves are morphing into their trademark Autumn hue and we’ve been as busy as ever in the Tree House barn.  

Our pale hoppy offerings are still churning about at their regular pace but we’ve begun to inject a bit of seasonal flair into our tanks.  “Snowtober”, our Porter, was brewed last week and should be ready before Halloween.  “Awesome Autumn Ale”, our Imperial Ale brewed with restrained Autumn Spice and aged in stainless on Madagascar Vanilla Beans should be ready around the same time.  

Autumn and winter promise to have other surprises in store, but more on that later. 

Oh, and we’re carving pumpkins!  Damien has once again lent his talents to the face of an unsuspecting pumpkin and produced the Tree House logo in all her glory.  He rules, but we want you to get in on the fun too!


Pumpkin Carving Contest!

On Saturday, October 26th, we invite you to share your pumpkin carving talents as part of the first annual Tree House pumpkin carving contest!  The rules are simple:

  • Carve a pumpkin - either a skin carving like Damien did or a standard style carving.

  • No theme - Carve to your heart’s content.  But be aware that if someone successfully carves Dean’s face into a pumpkin they will very likely win.

  • Bring it to Tree House on or before October 26th.

  • Profit.*

*But really, we’ll judge and the prizes will be as follows:

1st Place - $50 Tree House Gift Card

2nd Place - $25 Tree House Gift Card

3rd Place - $10 Tree House Gift Card

All others - I’ll be taking a group photo of all the entries to be shared on . Everyone's a winner.

Carve awesomely, foks.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  


 We’ll be doing our part to raise awareness for this terrible disease through T-shirts and signs in the retail shop, but also by donating 5% of our total sales from Saturday, October 26th to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  If you’re interested in helping personally, please go here to make a donation.  Every little bit counts.  Thank you for listening.



Last evening we joined a celebration of Armsby Abbey's 5th Anniversary with seventy or so supporters and friends of both Tree House Brewing Company and the Abbey.  To say we were blown away by Alec, Aric, Chef Damian and their first class knowledgeable staff would be a complete understatement.

We were humbled to be pouring our beers alongside their masterful creations.  We could not have asked for a better first beer pairing evening.  The pacing was excellent, the beers were pouring well, and everyone was in great spirits. It's a night we will fondly carry with us for the rest of our lives as we continue on the journey of Tree House Brewing Company.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

Below is a small gallery of the evening's events.  We had anticipated documenting the evening in more detail, but we were simply having too much fun.  :)


A celebration & a reflection.

It's been an insanely busy few months and through the madness we never had an opportunity to properly reflect upon and celebrate our one year anniversary! 

Thus, you can imagine how excited we were when our good friends at Armsby Abbey had the idea to collaborate with us on our very first beer pairing dinner!

We have forged many great relationships with our customers over the past year, and we are truly looking forward to the opportunity to relax and share in the culinary delights of Chef Damian Evangelous with you.  A few tickets still remain.  If you are interested in attending, you can find more information HERE.

 . . .

As we inch closer and closer to announcing the exciting future plans for Tree House, we've been reflecting on our roots and how far we've come.  During these reflections we can't help but feel deeply grateful to those of you who have supported us (in more ways than one) along the way.  Thank you so, so much.


I Wanna Hold Your Hand

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this fan submitted photo from the Tree House grounds this past Saturday:



Try not to melt, I dare you!

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

This has been a week of great press coverage here at Tree House.    We can't express how much we appreciate it when someone takes the time to articulate their thoughts about our beer or visiting the barn.  It invigorates us!  So, thank you!

Drink Insider offered the following:

"The thing about this beer is that it isn’t the biggest, it isn’t the hoppiest (though it is quite hoppy), it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients… What it does have, though, is complete precision when it comes to balance, flavor and aroma. The brewers at Tree House have adjusted all of the levels just right. It’s so fresh, so burstingly plump and delicious, so exquisitely hopped. I don’t know what else to say, this is just one hell of an IPA – perhaps one of the best I’ve ever had."

Please support our friends at Drink Insider and check it out! 

Krysten Sikes, writing for the Appalachian Mountain Club, had this:

"Now for the brews. After our hike we drove across US Route 20, where Dearth Hill Road gives way to the winding St Claire Road. Near the top of the hill we arrived at the inconspicuous Tree House Brewing, nestled in the trees. A small group of home brewers, inspired by a successful beer tasting with friends, founded the brewery in 2011. Two of the owners and their friendly puppy greeted us as we stepped out of the car. They showed us around the brewery, and we admired the gleaming brew kettles and fermenters and marveled at their impressive bottle-filling station. Tree House's highly sought-after brews now rival some the best in the Northeast, with beer connoisseurs traveling long distances to visit the brewery."

We love the AMC and all their hard work, so it was humbling to get coverage on their website.  So cool!  You can read the whole thing here. 

The Boston Globe included us in their list of 10 Most Notable New(ish) Breweries in New England:

"Tree House Brewing is a veritable Eden in tiny Brimfield, with views of the Pioneer Valley mountainside, a koi pond perfect for picnicking, and a fire pit where visitors lounge with growlers of Nate Lanier’s fantastic beers. “We work hard to make our little brewery a beautiful space to kill a few hours,” says Lanier. “It’s a peaceful, invigorating space.”"

And finally, we were featured in this months issue of BeerAdvocate.  You can purchase the magazine digitally online here, or subscribe to the hard copy here!  We encourage you to do so - we find even the adverts to be interesting and relevant.


We hope your growlers are pouring well!  We'll see you Thursday with a new batch of "That's What She Said"! 


"ON TAP" to go.

I had the idea to make an iPhone/Android app for Tree House that would simply tell you, reliably, what was on tap at any given time.  Instead of diving into the realms of the Mobile Developing Platforms (rather focus on making beer), I made a special "ON TAP" page formatted better for mobile phones.

You can view it HERE.

I recommend saving it to your Home Screen for simple, painless access.  Once you have navigated to the page, just follow these simple steps:


photo 1.PNG
photo 2.PNG

Android directions forthcoming.  Rock and roll. visits Tree House.

A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Tree House for the fine job Gabe Bellegard Bastos did covering our tiny brewery in his column for

"I think that confirmed everything I had hoped Tree House would be. Beautiful and inconspicuous? Check. Awesome, welcoming folks? Check. How many breweries have you been to that weren’t obviously breweries from miles out? There are usually barrels and bottles everywhere, and brewing tanks—giant shiny cylinders—don’t hide easily. Instead, as you get close to Tree House, what first captures your eye is a beautiful koi pond."

Please go here to read the whole thing! 


What's going on, Tree House?

Not too much, how are you?

It’s been a great couple of weeks in the Tree House barn.  We spent last Saturday putting more “Julius” into the tanks and a new batch of our favorite summer beer, “Space & Time”.  We have been attending to our new Farmhouse Ale (Name TBD) and hoping to have it packaged for Saturday. . . although we can’t make any promises - remember, the beer rules us!  I will have more to say about this beer and later as the day of release approaches.

We are expecting the arrival of fresh New Zealand/Australian hops any day now.  What does this mean?  It means delicious and ridiculously fresh hoppy beer is on the way.  It means “Green”, one of our favorite IPA’s from the old Brew Magic system will finally get the broader release treatment.  We absolutely cannot wait for this one.  I’ve always thought of it as Julius’s evil twin brother. . . drier, sharper, and bigger.

. . . 

We'd like to wish our good friends over at Armsby Abbey a happy 5th Anniversary!  We’ll be helping them celebrate with an inventive, adventurous beer pairing experience in late August.  Five Tree House beers, innovative farm to table fare. . . It’s not to be missed!  More details on this as they become available . . .

. . .

And finally, we were featured on in a slideshow showcasing craft brewers and distillers.  Good company, I'd say!  

Until next time. . . :)