A quick word on how our retail shop works.

We receive a lot of questions about how the Tree House  retail process for growler fills works. This page was created to help convey that information prior to your visit. 

When you arrive (see also: getting here) you will be greeted by Dean (hopefully, assuming he's not slacking off) and he'll take you through a bit of Tree House history and escort you to the bar, where you'll find the Tree House pour girls.  Once there you will be given an 'order card' (please see below) that you'll need to fill out if you intend to bring home some beer in refillable bottles.  We suggest you fill this out and bring it to the girls as soon as possible as it is first come, first served and the queue can grow long.  Please note that we do not, under any circumstances, offer full pours.  

Currently, we offer fills of both 750ML and 2L refillable bottles.  You purchase these bottles once, and they are yours to keep (The price of beer is in addition to the growlers - but only the first time).  We only ask that you rinse the bottles prior to bringing them back in for refills.  Our imported flip-tops are sturdy, attractive, and environmentally friendly.  Please note that we only fill our bottles.

We recently began to offer cans.  Cans can be purchased separate from growlers when it's very busy or directly from the bar if customer flow is slow.  Just ask and our staff will send you in the right direction.

Our 750 ML refillable bottle and Sap - a Tree House IPA.

We will typically have bottle limits dependent upon availability on any given Saturday.  These will be posted on the "On-Tap" page so you know exactly what to expect.

Samples are available upon request! In our new brewery, a self guided tour can be taken just outside of the retail shop. No need to sign up or arrive at a specific time... It's right there for you to see!

We accept both CASH and CREDIT - Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.  Ask about Gift Cards!

If you have any additional questions, we welcome you to contact us.  We are happy to help!



About those 'order cards' - We have prepared an example in anticipation of your visit.  We have made them as simple as possible while still providing our lovely pour girls the all the information they need to get beer into your bottles as quickly as possible! 

We offer our beer in two different refillable bottles, and we ask that you include information on whether you are having your own clean Tree House bottles filled or if you are purchasing new ones.  

These usually work out great, but if you have any questions on them prior to your visit, we are happy to help. . .  Or we invite you to make Dean work when you come in by asking him a ton of questions. :)